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I’ll have a glue, glue Christmas — #6: Felt tree garland

There are vastly different ways to trim a Christmas tree. Some prefer the all-white glitter tree, while I love bright colors and a homey hodgepodge of ornaments and garlands.

As I was preparing to trim our tree last week I opened our ornament box and was delighted to find a felt garland I’d constructed last year. I had forgotten about it and it kind of made my day to place it on our tree this year. I love popcorn garlands, but they get pretty messy and i have a toddler who is fascinated with the tree and eating things, so I imagine it wouldn’t last long.

This craft is cheery, colorful and easy. It does require the use of a sewing machine and some monotonous cutting. I recommend putting on “A Christmas Story” or some other holiday film you have memorized and cut out your felt while watching it. Mulled wine could be included, if desired.

DIY Felt Tree Garland | #6 on Alaska Knit Nat's DIY Holiday Craft Guide

Easy felt tree garland: No. 6 on Alaska Knit Nat’s DIY Holiday Craft Guide

  • Craft felt in many different colors (about $5 at Walmart)
  • Fabric scissors (optional but extremely helpful)
  • Sewing machine


Fold a piece of felt in fourths and cut out 1-inch circle-ish shapes. Repeat with other felt colors until you have about 300 hundred (I really didn’t count. I just cut out circles until I was sick of it.)

Place all your circles in a bowl and set next to your sewing machine. Start sewing across the diameter of a circle with a straight stitch. When you get to the end of the circle, start sewing through another circle. Repeat this until you’ve run out of circles. You’re basically just lining up the circles side by side and sewing a seam through them to keep them together. I didn’t follow a color pattern, I just sewed them randomly. It doesn’t matter what thread color you use, but I imagine gold thread would look neat. I used white. It’s ok if there are gaps between the circles. If you run out of thread mid-garland, just rethread your machine and sew across the most recently sewn circle.

Wrap your garland around your tree. If it’s too short, make more circles and take your garland back to your sewing machine.

DIY Felt Tree Garland | #6 on Alaska Knit Nat's DIY Holiday Craft Guide

DIY Felt Tree Garland | #6 on Alaska Knit Nat's DIY Holiday Craft Guide

Nifty Thrifty: Jell-o Molds ===> Easy Wall Decor

I struck thrift store gold last week. I found some choice additions to my wardrobe, some cool stickers for my son, but I truly enjoyed rifling through the kitchen section because by the looks of it, someone had cleared out her bakeware collection and donated piles of cake pans. There were sheet pans in the shape of Big Bird, cats, Christmas trees, Barney the dinosaur and tucked away were three old Jell-o molds — the kind your grandma would have used to make savory aspics or Jell-o salad.

I needed these molds, but I’m not one for Jell-o. It occurred to me they would look pretty great hanging on the wall like glimmering metal flowers.

Vintage Jell-o Molds ===> Simple wall decor

I just used nails for the two hollow molds and a springy plate display hook for the smaller one. I think they look pretty neat! I wasn’t sure if I should leave them in their original state or paint them fun colors. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Vintage Jell-o Molds ===> Simple wall decor

Tea Tin Planters

Alaska winter starts to look pretty drab by mid March. I need some green in my life! Here’s a simple, inexpensive project to tide me over till spring.

What you’ll need:

Old tea tins (cheap at thrift stores)

Small house plants

Hammer and nail

Potting soil

Tea Tin Planters from Alaska Knit Nat

With a hammer and a nail, poke a few drainage holes in the bottom of your tin. Fill with soil and transfer your houseplant to the tin.

Thats it!

Tea Tin Planters from Alaska Knit Nat