Nifty Thrifty: Jell-o Molds ===> Easy Wall Decor

I struck thrift store gold last week. I found some choice additions to my wardrobe, some cool stickers for my son, but I truly enjoyed rifling through the kitchen section because by the looks of it, someone had cleared out her bakeware collection and donated piles of cake pans. There were sheet pans in the shape of Big Bird, cats, Christmas trees, Barney the dinosaur and tucked away were three old Jell-o molds — the kind your grandma would have used to make savory aspics or Jell-o salad.

I needed these molds, but I’m not one for Jell-o. It occurred to me they would look pretty great hanging on the wall like glimmering metal flowers.

Vintage Jell-o Molds ===> Simple wall decor

I just used nails for the two hollow molds and a springy plate display hook for the smaller one. I think they look pretty neat! I wasn’t sure if I should leave them in their original state or paint them fun colors. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Vintage Jell-o Molds ===> Simple wall decor

2 thoughts on “Nifty Thrifty: Jell-o Molds ===> Easy Wall Decor”

  1. Love the shiny silver alumnum. I would leave them in their Natural State and still be able to use them should the need arise.

    If you want color added why not cover a bulliten board with fabric and hang the molds on it. Or use posterboard to paint flower Petals & leaves around the molds on the posterboard.

    I love thrifting!

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