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Harvesting Anchorage: Pickling and Canning Beets

I’m thrilled to introduce fellow Anchorage blogger, Ashley Taborsky, in this week’s “Harvesting Anchorage.” Ashley is the woman behind Alaska Urban Soil Project where she aims to create an “online community of fellow urban hippies who want to get into Alaskan backyard farming.”

This gal is diving deep into Alaska gardening and I admire her for her tenacity and willingness to try new things.

Throughout the summer I’ve been blogging about how I interact with the wild foods of Anchorage and Alaska, but you’ll notice that I don’t garden. It’s partially due to my hectic working mom/florist/other stuff schedule, part laziness and also that I don’t have an easily accessible water source in my yard (ok, this equates to laziness. I just don’t want to stretch my hose to the other side of my lawn where we actually get sun).

Ashley is obviously more determined than I am to produce her own food and it appears that she is succeeding. This is why I thought she would be a great guest to talk about how she harvests Anchorage in her own back yard.

Check out her site for lots of DIY projects and recipe ideas. Today I’ll be passing the mic to Ashley to let her talk about pickling and canning her homegrown beets.

Harvesting Anchorage: Pickling and canning beets in Alaska | A great step-by-step tutorial by the Alaska Urban Soil Project

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Tea Tin Planters

Alaska winter starts to look pretty drab by mid March. I need some green in my life! Here’s a simple, inexpensive project to tide me over till spring.

What you’ll need:

Old tea tins (cheap at thrift stores)

Small house plants

Hammer and nail

Potting soil

Tea Tin Planters from Alaska Knit Nat

With a hammer and a nail, poke a few drainage holes in the bottom of your tin. Fill with soil and transfer your houseplant to the tin.

Thats it!

Tea Tin Planters from Alaska Knit Nat