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Since I started my blog I’ve gotten a lot of repeat questions, so I thought I’d post some of them here. First and foremost, although I love blogging, I’m a mother who works more than full time so unfortunately I don’t have much free time to dedicate to refining my blog. I wish I could do it all!

How do I print off one of your patterns?

My patterns are displayed best on the web, but I do have a feature at the bottom of every blog post to create a printable version.

Untitled design (7)

If you are still having difficulty printing off a pattern, feel free to contact me and if you’re polite, I’d be happy to email you back a printable version.

Why don’t you provide the gauge for any of your knitting patterns?

I am not a professional pattern writer. I learned to knit without gauging. My hat patterns are all very similar – they are usually 72 stitches on size 9 or 10 US needles for an average adult head. I understand everyone knits with a different tension and your 72 stitches might not equal mine, but most of my hats are gifted and no longer in my possession so I’m unable to tell you the gauge of many of my hats. If you’re interested in making my hat patterns but are worried about the gauge, I suggest searching for patterns on Ravelry that use the same needle size and number of stitches. Since I work more than full time in addition to being a mother I just don’t have the time to reknit my patterns in order to provide a gauge.

Can I share your pattern on my site with your photos?

My patterns are all free and I love to share them. Most of my photos on my blog were taken by me, but some of them were taken by professionals, which is why I ask you to contact me if you’d like to share any of my content. Please do not copy and paste my content on your site without my permission. I will 99.999% say yes if you ask me, unless the photo you want to use wasn’t taken by me.

Are you using UK or US needles sizes for your knitting patterns?

All of my patterns use US needle sizes.

What length circular needle do you use for your hat patterns?

All my hat patterns use 16-inch long circular needles.

I asked you a question on a pattern and you took a long time to reply. What gives?

I am a working mom who keeps a blog for fun. I read each and every comment and try my best to reply in a timely fashion. But was your question polite? WAS IT WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS WITH LOTS OF QUESTION MARKS???? I get a lot of impolite requests on my blog to which I don’t feel inclined to reply. Although you can’t see my face and it seems anonymous, I am a real human being and we all prefer to be treated with respect. That being said, I love comments and questions. I’ll try my best to answer any question you have.

Your pattern calls for a certain needle size but I only have a much smaller needle size. Can you help me reformat the pattern?

My patterns are written for specific needle sizes. Significantly changing the needle size would significantly change the pattern. I would basically have to rewrite the pattern, which means it really isn’t the same pattern. I suggest looking on for a pattern using the needle size you have. There are thankfully a bazillion folks out there in blogland who offer up their patterns for free, thus creating a wealth of creativity and knowledge. I’m positive you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Your hat patterns are mostly for adults. Can you recommend how to knit the same pattern for a child?

I suggest knitting my adult patterns but with size 7 US needles and sport weight yarn. I can’t promise it’ll turn out exactly the size you need as children’s heads are all different sizes, but it will certainly be smaller. These are such quick knits that if it’s the wrong size you can always try again. Just a reminder, I’m not a professional knitting pattern writer. Since most of my hats are basically the same pattern but with different stripes or designs, many of my patterns could be simulated using a professional children’s hat pattern.

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