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I’ll have a glue, glue Christmas — #8: DIY Heart Shirt

Each year I try to give my two sisters equally awesome handmade gifts that follow a similar theme. I usually make something for myself so we can all dorkily match. Last year was a winner: shirts with giant cashmere hearts.

DIY Heart Shirt | #8 in Alaska Knit Nat's DIY Holiday Craft Guide

This is a low-skill craft. It requires hand sewing, but nothing complicated. I turn to my local thrift shops for blank sweatshirts and cashmere sweaters. Any tight-knit sweater will work if you aren’t able to find cashmere. Mohair or angora might be fun. Be sure to wash and dry your sweater on the hot setting a couple of times to ensure it is completely done shrinking. If you sew on a fresh sweater when you wash the final product the heart will shrink and cause the shirt to tear and bunch up where you sewed it on (I know from disappointing experience).

Quick Craft: DIY Heart Shirt | Alaksa Knit Nat

DIY heart shirt — No. 8 in Alaska Knit Nat’s DIY Holiday Craft Guide

What you’ll need:

  • A blank sweatshirt
  • A sweater you don’t mind massacring (cashmere recommended)
  • Embroidery thread of contrasting color
  • Embroidery needle
  • Double-sided fusible, lightweight interfacing or Stitch Witchery

For the full tutorial, click here.

Quick Craft: DIY Heart Shirt

Shirts with big hearts are big right now, but despite the fad I actually think they are pretty cool.

I’ve had a few old cashmere sweaters awaiting crafting and this was the perfect short-attention-span craft: cut out a heart, sew it on a shirt.

Quick Craft: DIY Heart Shirt | Alaska Knit Nat

My husband had the idea of sewing on the heart with contrasting embroidery thread. It not only gives it some “pop,” but it also adds more of a homemade touch.

 Here’s what you’ll need:

 An old sweater

A plain shirt

A large piece of paper or newspaper


Thin, double-sided fusible interfacing or Stitch Witchery

Embroidery thread


large needle

1. Make a heart template to your liking. I just folded an 11 x 17 piece of paper in half and cut out a heart shape.

 2. Place your heart template on the sweater and use chalk to trace the shape. Cut your shape out of the sweater.

 3. Figure out where you’d like the heart to be placed on your shirt. Cut strips of interfacing or Stitch Witchery and place them on the shirt. Lay your heart, right side up, on top of the strips and fiddle around to get everything centered and flat. The photo below just shows where I placed the Stitch Witchery. In reality, the strips should not be facing up.

 4. Iron the heart according to interfacing instructions, so it fuses to the shirt. This way it won’t slip around when you’re sewing and you won’t have to worry about pins sticking you as you sew.

 5. Cut a long piece of embroidery thread and straight stitch around the edge of the heart. Secure thread with a couple of knots on the inside when finished.