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Guest post: Feather & Fan Scarflette

My friend Annie is an avid knitter. She’s more of a knitting ninja – she wears her needles down to near stubs because of her always-popular Harry Potter scarves.

In the past few years it seems all of her friends are procreating because she makes a baby blanket nearly every month. I shared her adorable feather and fan lovey a couple of years back and when she posted a scarf with a similar pattern on her Etsy shop yesterday I asked if I could share the pattern.

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Junklaces, or how to show off all the jewelry you never wear

Recently I saw in a jewelry boutique a collection of necklaces that looked like antique charm necklaces. They were really pretty, with old keys and beads and brooches and such. So I decided to go through all my old jewelry and mix-match my single earrings, unused pendants and anything else that was collecting dust in my jewelry box. I also bought a few charms from Michael’s extensive collection. Here’s what I came up with: