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Sherbet Triangle Scarf

I’m not a big fan of knitting scarves. They take too long and I usually lose interest. But there’s one style I don’t mind knitting. It’s a giant triangle and the pattern is crazy easy.

Sherbet Triangle Scarf | a simple knitting pattern from Alaskaknitnat.com

Two days ago my little sister texted and said she lost her favorite scarf and asked if I’d make her a new one. Here’s her cute little self:

Sherbet Triangle Scarf | A super simple pattern from Alaskaknitnat.com

Two binge-watching nights later and the scarf was finished. This is a perfect mindless project since it’s knit in garter stitch and you only have to remember to increase one stitch at the beginning of each row. The mohair adds a beautiful fluff to the scarf so it feels like a cloud when you’ve finished. By combining fuschia and peach yarns the outcome sort of reminds me of sherbet ice cream.

Sherbet Triangle Scarf | a simple knitting pattern from Alaskaknitnat.com

Here’s how to make it:

Super Simple Triangle Scarf Pattern



  • 224 yards aran weight yarn in peach (I used 2 skeins of Sirdar Snuggly SK shade 0451)
  • 224 yards (2 skeins) Rowan Mohair Haze in Caress (00525)
  • Size US 15 circular needles (straight would work too)
  • Darning needle

Sherbet Triangle Scarf | a simple knitting pattern from Alaskaknitnat.com


KFB = Knit in the front and then in the back of one stitch, thus increasing work by 1

M1 = make 1 stitch from front to back in the horizontal strand between stitches

Gauge: doesn’t matter


You’ll be knitting both aran and mohair yarns at the same time as though they are one strand.

  1. Cast on 4 stitches.
  2. Row 1: K1, KFB, knit to end of row
  3. Repeat row 1 until you have 108 stitches or until triangle is about 20 inches from tip to needles. Bring in new skeins of yarn when necessary.
  4. Next row: K1, KFB, *K3, M1. Repeat * till there are two stitches remaining. K2.
  5. Next row: Cast off using the stretchy method.
  6. Cut yarn, leaving an 8-inch tail. With a darning needle, weave in all ends.

Sherbet Triangle Scarf | a simple knitting pattern from Alaskaknitnat.com

Here are a couple of examples of my past triangle scarves in different colors:

Snow Angel Scarf

Orange Sherbet Scarf



Guest post: Feather & Fan Scarflette

My friend Annie is an avid knitter. She’s more of a knitting ninja – she wears her needles down to near stubs because of her always-popular Harry Potter scarves.

In the past few years it seems all of her friends are procreating because she makes a baby blanket nearly every month. I shared her adorable feather and fan lovey a couple of years back and when she posted a scarf with a similar pattern on her Etsy shop yesterday I asked if I could share the pattern.

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