Alaska Knit Nat’s top 6 posts

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Alaska Knit Nat turns 6 | My top 6 blog posts

As Alaska Knit Nat enters its seventh year, I thought it would be fun to dig into the archives and pull up some of my favorite posts from years past.

I started Knit Nat AK in November 2010 with the intention of cataloging my craftiness.

“It’s mainly for my own benefit,” I wrote in my first-ever post. “I make so much stuff I can’t keep track of it all. In addition to knitting (hence the Knit Nat title), I cook, sew and repurpose things. This blog is a catalog of all things Craft.”

So here’s my top 6 posts since 2010. Enjoy!

1. Braided winter headband

Chunky Braided Winter Headband

Several years ago my husband and I were at the Seward Alehouse and I saw a woman wearing the most unique knitted headband. I asked if I could take a look at it and immediately bought yarn across the street, came home and knitted up my first braided winter headband. It’s a terrific pattern for beginner knitters.

2. My Classic Ear Flap Hat

My Classic Ear Flap Hat

This is where all my knitting love began. In 2003 my older sister asked if I would take a knitting class with her at Far North Yarn Co. I already had years of basic knitting knowledge but hadn’t knit much in about five years. So I took an ear flap hat class and I was hooked! This pattern has been my most popular knitting pattern on my blog. It’s simple and comes in several sizes.

3. Greek Dolmades

Greek Dolmades

These tasty treats usually come canned or in the deli section of the grocery store. Years ago I was inspired to make them myself and although it’s laborious, it’s totally worth it. Filled with mint, parsley and spices, these dolmades are like a party in your mouth.

4. T-shirt Onesie

Tuxedo Onesie!

Back when I had time to sew, I was super industrious leading up to having my baby. I made my son a couple onesies out of soft adult t-shirts. He had his passport photo taken in the tuxedo onesie pictured above. It was adorable. If I had the time to do it again, I would. I lay out the pattern step by step.

5. Auntie A’s Choice Chili

Awesome Chili Recipe from Alaska Knit Nat

This is probably the recipe I reference the most on my blog. Chili is quick, tasty and nutritious. My little sister came up with this recipe, which uses a couple of unusual ingredients.

6. Soda Bottle Kitty Planter

Quick craft: Recycled soda bottle kitty planters. Irresistibly cute from Alaska Knit Nat

I couldn’t make this list without including a quick craft. This kitty planter I made during the holidays a couple of years ago and although her hair has changed, she still lives on this shelf to this day. It’s super easy, super cheap and a unique gift idea.

Here’s to another great year of trying not to forget how I make stuff. Thanks for following along!.


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