Quick, Chunky Crochet Hat — A Free Pattern

I knit a lot of gifts this last holiday season. With the completion of a belated scarf last week, I’m just about knitted out. I needed a new project that would satisfy my short attention span and was something different.

I found a simple crochet hat pattern on TangledHappy.com that used the herringbone half double crochet stitch. I’d never heard of it, but after a couple of video tutorials, it looked easy enough.

I didn’t have the hook size the pattern called for, but I had something close, so I used what I think was an N size hook (it’s unmarked for some ridiculous reason). This made the gauge off for the original pattern so I had to wing it, which is why I’m posting a pattern on my blog. I also added contrasting trim and pompom.

These are incredibly quick to complete. I made two yesterday and one this morning. They are a great way to use up excess yarn, especially if you double up worsted weight and crochet two strands at once, which I did with the blue hat shown in this pattern.

Quick Chunky Crochet Hat | A Free Pattern from Alaska Knit Nat

Quick, Chunky Crochet Hat with Pompom — A Free Pattern from Alaska Knit Nat


1 skein of chunky yarn such as Lopi or Lion Brand Thick and Quick OR two strands of heavy worsted yarn crocheted together as one strand.

1 skein of contrasting yarn, weight can vary

Size N crochet hook

Darning needle

Two toilet paper tubes (opional)

Sharp scissors

Removable stitch marker

Quick Chunky Crochet Hat | A Free Pattern from Alaska Knit Nat


sc = single crochet

sl = slip stitch

Hhdc = herringbone half double crochet (I recommend this video tutorial)

Please bear with my poor pattern instructions. I’m a knitter and I’m still new to crochet so I apologize for any bizarre language.

Quick Chunky Crochet Hat | A Free Pattern from Alaska Knit Nat


With chunky yarn, create a magic ring and Hhdc 10 into it. Tighten up the ring and do not sl into the first stitch. You’re going to crochet in a continuous spiral. Instead, Hhdc into the first Hhdc, place marker, Hhdc into same stitch. Hhdc 2 times into each remaining stitch (20 stitches).

Remove marker, Hhdc into next stitch, place marker, Hhdc 2 times into next stitch. *Hhdc into next stitch, 2 Hhdc into next stitch.* Repeat * till end of round (30 stitches).

Remove marker, Hhdc into next stitch, place marker, Hhdc in next stitch, 2 Hhdc into next stitch. *Hhdc in next two stitches, 2 Hhdc into next stitch*. Repeat * till end of round (40 stitches).

Repeat Hhdc around until hat is the depth you prefer. I did about 12 rounds.

Sl into final stitch and cut yarn, leaving an 8-inch tail. Bring in contrasting yarn and chain one stitch. Sc one round. Sl into first single chain. Tie off and weave in all ends.

Quick Chunky Crochet Hat | A Free Pattern from Alaska Knit Nat

For the pompom:

If you want a giant pompom, I find an easy technique is to wrap the yarn around two toilet paper tubes. When you’ve used a whole ton of yarn, take a doubled up piece of yarn about 12 inches and tie it around the bulk of yarn, between the two toilet paper tubes. Tie a loose knot and gently slide out the tubes. Cinch the knot closed as tightly as you can and trim the yarn loops till the pom pom is to your liking. I don’t trim the long ends I used to tie the pompom. Instead I use those to affix it to the hat with a darning needle.

10 thoughts on “Quick, Chunky Crochet Hat — A Free Pattern”

  1. Thank you so much for the quick hat pattern. I’m knitted out, too, but need something to do. This is the answer and it’s so cute! DS

  2. Too cute! These will be next on my list to do later this week. My grandchildren will love them! Thank you so much!

  3. I enjoy your emails with all your beautiful patterns but I have a printer
    but it is not working very good right now.I tried to fix it but made it worse.I like the pattern Quick chunky crochet Hat with the pom poms.
    Please can I buy it from you.
    please reply thank you.
    I suffered a stroke and this is good for me.
    Edith Nutt

    1. Dear Edith,
      I’m happy you like my crochet hat pattern. I don’t quite understand what you’re asking to purchase — the pattern or the hat itself? I wouldn’t feel right charging you for the pattern since I’ve already provided it for free on my blog.
      Kindest regards,

      1. Hi Natasha,
        Thank you very much for sending the pattern for the crochet hat.I
        received the letter this morning.I am knitting a scarf right now and
        will crochet the hat.
        thank you again you are so kind.

    1. Dear Maryanne,
      I unfortunately don’t have the crochet experience to recommend a number of stitches to use for a baby hat. They take such a short time to make, I would suggest trying 30 stitches and seeing if it’s a good size. Otherwise I’d recommend using lighter weight yarn and a smaller hook and using 30 stitches.

      Best of luck and thanks for commenting,

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