Preemie Football Hat — Free Pattern

My friend Laura asked me to make her new little one a tiny football hat. I was definitely up to the challenge. I was surprised how few knitted patterns there were floating around Pinterest. Most of the patterns are crochet, which can be made very quickly, but for a football hat I think knit has more room for detail.

This hat is so cute and teeny! It’s based on a tiny Steelers hat I made Laura’s second child a couple of years ago.

Preemie Football Hat -- Free Pattern | Alaska Knit Nat
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Red Heart Brand worsted yarn in white and brown

size 8 double pointed needles

darning needle



k1, p1 = knit one, purl one ribbing

k2tog = knit two stitches together



With your double pointed needles, cast on 56 stitches (14 stitches per needle) in brown. Join your work, being sure the stitches aren’t twisted and k1, p1 rib for three rounds.

Knit two rounds regularly and switch to the white. No need to cut the brown yarn. Knit two rounds in white and cut leaving an 8-inch tail. Bring up the brown and knit 15 rounds. Knit two rounds white without cutting the brown. Cut the white leaving an 8-inch tail and knit one round in brown. Decrease as follows:

*k2tog, k6* Repeat * till end of round
K one round
*K2tog, k5*, repeat * till end of round
K one round
*K2tog, k4*, repeat * till end of round
K one round
*K2tog, k 3*, repeat * till end of round
K one round
*K2tog, k 2*, repeat * till end of round
K one round
*K2tog, k1*, repeat * till end of round
*K2tog*, repeat * till end of round.
Cut yarn leaving an 8-inch tail. Using a darning needle, weave in all ends.

For the football stitches, thread a darning needle with a 24-inch length of white yarn. On the front of the hat, whipstitch the vertical line using short diagonal stitches stacked on top of one another. Then run three wide stitches perpendicular to the vertical line. Tie off the yarn and weave in the end.

To make this hat for a newborn-3 month size, cast on 64 stitches and follow the same pattern.

Preemie Football Hat -- Free Pattern | Alaska Knit Nat

6 thoughts on “Preemie Football Hat — Free Pattern”

  1. Love this little hat!! I just made one for our pastor’s new baby boy, and it turned out so adorable that I knitted one for each of their other two boys, ages 2 and 5. Now their Dad wants one! I adapted it to loom knitting, because I’m a beginner and that’s all I know how to do so far. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern!

    1. Jan,
      I’m so glad you found my pattern useful. It’s just so darn cute to dress up infants like inanimate objects! I’d love to see a photo of one of yours. You could email it to nataliaprice @ (I put in spaces to avoid spam). I would love to repost your photo on my Facebook page!
      Thanks for your comment,

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