Quick Craft — Homemade Mini Calendars

There’s something so wonderful about miniature things: Mini Coopers — cute, teacup dogs — adorable, Mini Me — freakishly endearing.

When my dad opened up a small package of miniature calendars the other day, my mini “awwww” reaction kicked in and so did my crafty brain.

I’ve been stashing away some 1960’s McCalls Craft magazines for several years now, not sure what to do with them. Now I know: mini calendars for stocking stuffers.

Quick Craft -- Mini Calendar | Alaska Knit Nat

Here’s what you need:

Mini self-adhesive calendar pads.

Heavy card stock (I used file folders)

Magazine clippings

Glue stick

Double-sided adhesive wall-mount stickers (found in the Scotch tape aisle)


Ruler or straight edge


Find some small photos or magazine clippings for your calendar background. Cut out a piece of card stock the same size as your clipping plus the size of the mini calendar pad.

Glue clipping to card stock. Remove the adhesive strip from the back of the calendar pad and stick it where you want it.

Turn mini calendar over and adhere one side of your double-sided mounting tape to the back.

Quick Craft -- Mini Calendar | Alaska Knit Nat

Use as a gift topper or stocking stuffer.

Quick Craft -- Mini Calendar | Alaska Knit Nat

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