Fabric Scraps Garland

Whenever I sew I always feel obligated to keep all of my fabric scraps, no matter how useless they seem to be. When it came to setting up my crafts booth last weekend, I knew I wanted some cool decorations and that’s when those fabric scraps came in handy.

I thought of it in the middle of the night last week — some long ago paper crafts project I might have seen in an old library book as a kid. You cut strips of paper like a continuous “S” and then stretch it out.

First thing in the morning, I did a test on a strip of fabric. What I came up with was a delightful way to decorate any event.

And here’s how I made it:

Several scraps of fabric, about 4 inches wide.
Sewing machine
Fabric scissors

Your scraps do not have to be perfect. They could be different widths if you like, but I found 4 inches is a good width. All you do is sew your scraps end to end. It’s OK if right sides aren’t always facing because you’ll be able to see both sides of the fabric from all angles. When you’ve sewn as many scraps as you feel is adequate (a little goes a long way), start cutting the strips like so:

You do not need to draw the lines. I just did that so you could see what I was cutting.  Pull the fabric apart and see what you’ve created!

If it’s not long enough, add more scraps. Then hang up your garland, or store it on a paper towel roll.

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