I’m coming out of the booth!

After three days and 25 hours of customer service I’ve decided this booth was a great idea. I had the time of my life. I put in 63 feather hair extensions and sold 17 headbands, 10 purses, 5 hats, 20 magnets, 3 necklaces, 3 pairs of earrings, 4 leather bracelets, 4 jars of jam, and about a dozen matchbooks. My mom hung out with me all three days and helped be my cashier.

Next year I’ll be much more prepared and actually have knitted stuff to sell.

Here are some photos of the booth. What I loved is people were drawn to the booth just because of the decorations. Even if they didn’t buy anything, people enjoyed being in our tent.

Purses were displayed using a tree branch

The tent was adorned with pom poms and scrap garlands

A thrift store sheet covered the main display table. Appetizer dish displayed the matches

Tiny doll furniture from the thrift store really came in handy!

The view of our booth from across the way. Boothmate Alex is setting up her wares

Cranberry marmalade 

Kelly’s monsters chilling in an old suitcase. A few found loving homes

Macrame leather bracelets were a big hit.

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