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Alaska Weddings: Dianne + Matthew

Every wedding I make flowers for has a different style and Dianne and Matthew’s Wasilla wedding is one of the most unique this year.

Dianne wanted jewel tones of amethyst and peridot. She adores orchids, which I learned can be limited in color and style in Alaska. I packed her bouquet with fuchsia orchid, purple lisianthus, white roses, baby’s breath, trailing amaranthus, traipsing plumosa fern, sword fern and Italian ruscus.

Cascading bridal bouquet packed with orchids, lisianthus, roses, amaranthus, plumosa fern, baby's breath, sword fern and Italian ruscus | wedding flowers designed by Natasha Price of Alaskaknitnat.com

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8 Simple Steps to Long-lasting Grocery Store Flowers

Yesterday was my birthday and I’m fortunate to have friends and family who know me well enough to buy me flowers on my special day. Fresh flowers add so much cheer to my home, but this simple luxury isn’t something I can always afford. That’s why I like to make my fresh flowers last as long as possible before having to toss them.

Here are some simple ways you can make your grocery store flowers liven up your home for several days.

8 Simple Steps to Long-lasting Grocery Store Flowers | from Alaska Knit Nat

1. Buy fresh flowers

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the less time the flowers have been in the grocery store, the longer you can enjoy them in your home before they wilt. Look for blooms that haven’t yet fully opened. If you’re buying lilies or daffodils, select a bouquet where only a couple have opened and several are still closed up. This will ensure you will have blooms for days to come. If purchasing roses, avoid the romantically opened blooms. Those will only go bad quickly. Here’s a rose tip: gently squeeze the base of the bloom. It should feel sort of firm like a golf ball. If it’s squishy, then that rose is on its way out.

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