Man Shirt Redo

My husband has become addicted to Pendleton. Used Pendleton plaid wool shirts. He keeps finding these beautiful shirts all over the thrift circuit and now he has a full lumberjack wardrobe.

The other day he found me a little Pendleton. Most likely it was shrunken in the wash because the tag indicates it’s a size large. The colors are beautiful, but it is such a boxy shape and pretty unflattering.

Once again my crafty mind was reeling late at night and there’s no better time than the present. I got an idea in my head and went with it.

I’ve seen around the Pinterest arena lately heart-shaped elbow patches. It’s pretty cute. I had some scraps of a cashmere sweater lying around and presto! Cute little heart elbows.

But I still wasn’t satisfied. The shirt just wasn’t wearable in my book. So I had my husband help me pin darts in the back and I basted them up. I didn’t use any kind of pattern but it turned out splendidly. Now I too can look like a lumberjack!

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