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Tour of Alaska Blooms Peony Farm

When my husband and I got married in July 2007 purchasing peonies wasn’t an option. They were out of season. But I remember gardens all over Anchorage with gorgeous peonies in July and August. I ended up using someone’s garden peonies for my own bouquet.

It wasn’t until August 2013 when I was leafing through an Alaska Airlines Magazine that I learned how unique Alaska peonies really are.

Peony farms have since sprouted up all over the state from Nenana to Homer to Wasilla and have cornered the global peony market from mid to late summer.

I recently had the opportunity to take a tour of Alaska Blooms Peony Farm and learn about these special flowers from owner Rachel Christy.

Rachel Christy, owner of Alaska Blooms Peony Farm in Wasilla, gave me a tour of her farm on a rainy Sunday in June. Her farm is in its 6th year and she plans to cut more than 5,000 blooms this year. Story by Natasha Price of alaskaknitnat.com

My son and I embarked on a rainy Sunday outside the city of Wasilla to a cabin where thousands of peony buds were growing in the front lot.

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