The truth about Garland, Alaska |

The truth about Garland, Alaska

Welcome, Hallmark Channel fans! If you’re looking for answers about Garland, Alaska feel free to read my post about it below. I do hope you’ll find it informative and I encourage you to poke around my site for fun recipes, crafts, tutorials and more.

I don’t pay much attention to what people search for to find my blog, but for the past year something has consistently caught my eye.

At least twice a week someone finds my site by searching “Garland Alaska.”

In fact, it was the most searched term on my site in 2016. More than 10,000 people found my site in 2016 because of Garland, Alaska.

The truth about Garland, Alaska

Sometimes people look up “Is there a Garland, Alaska?”

The truth about Garland, Alaska

I was mystified, so I finally did some Facebook crowd sourcing.

About three minutes later I had my answer. Turns out there was a Hallmark Channel made-for-TV-movie in 2014 called “Christmas Under Wraps,” which takes place in a fictional remote town of Garland, Alaska and stars Candace Cameron Bure (most famous for her role of D.J. Tanner on “Full House”).

Fictional, folks, fictional. There is no town in Alaska with that many brick buildings or with leaves on the deciduous trees in the middle of winter. But if there’s one thing the film got right (and I finally did watch it), it’s that shipping things to Alaska is often a huge hassle!

And for the record, Santa lives in North Pole, Alaska. You can send him your wish list here.

Here’s a photo I took last time I visited North Pole:

The truth about Garland, Alaska

Happy holidays!

The truth about Garland, Alaska |
Due to copyright infringement, I am unable to display a photo of the cover of this Hallmark movie, so here is a far cuter public domain photo.

112 thoughts on “The truth about Garland, Alaska”

  1. Fairbanks Alaska is about 300 miles north of Anchorage and North Pole Alaska is just a few miles outside of Fairbanks. I lived in the area until 1977 and even then Fairbanks was a pretty decent size. Brick buildings and all. I worked at JC Penney and the very first Burger King there. My sister worked at the fancier Nordstrom. We had a mall and everything!! Lol. I’m sure things have grown a good bit since then. Don’t think they did a whole bunch of research while making this film but it’s cute anyway. 😃

  2. I was looking up what town was used for garland alaska, I figured there was way to much day light to have been filmed in alaska, I was taught that it is darker longer there so how could it be that light for so long every day, and durning the search found out it was Salt Lake city and a few other towns and found this blog…. Awesome idea 😊

  3. Hi, I looked Garland up since I’m watching “Christmas Under Wraps”. Go figure… Lol
    Anyway it was a good movie, very lighthearted and I do 💜Xmas and a big sap for romance.


  4. So, what town was that movie made in? just like….The Andy Griffith Show. it was based in the town Mayberry, NC but the town really exist but it’s called Mt. Airy, NC.

  5. I just watched Christmas Under Wraps and then I had to Google Garland, Alaska to see if it was real… of course that led here!!!Take Care❤

  6. I lived in Anchorage for 2 years and what got me was showing Can dance in bed and her alarm going off a 6:30 and it was bright sunlight. Not happening right before Christmas. Summer time yes, winter no!

  7. Why does Hallmark channel use fictional places? Instead of real cities and towns? Not fair to viewers? We want real places not fake places?

  8. hhahaha wow i knew it wasnt real just looking at the snow. I leave in north of norway and winter is dark and so is Alaska .. but thing for sure they could have been right about was the northern lights they can maybe be found there. 🙂

  9. There is a nice little town in Michigan. That is called Alaska Michigan. I have no idea how many people live there. But it had a place five years ago, to eat at called Sam’s Joint. This was one of several, back then. There is one thing that You will not believe Your eyes. Each and everyone of there places has this. You will Go Back in Time. They have there Walls & Ceiling, Filled with stuff like old Bicycles, Red Wagon, Wooden Wagon, Typewriter, Fishing Poles, Tricycles, Wooden Boat, Old Clock, Record Player, Eight Track, Pool Balls, Lamps like Your old Pole Lamp. We all had one of them. And A Ceiling Lamp, was the next thing better than Your Pole Lamp.
    I have Not Been There in the Past Five Years. But if it was Over Ten to Hundred Years Old, You would Fine It In One, of Sam’s Joint. Each & Everyone I’m Pretty Sure You Will Not See The Same Old Thing Twice. I sure wish I did not live hundreds of miles from them. But more than Likely, they had to close these Places, Down also. Which is Ok in my mine the Governor had to do. Because my Doctor said if I, happen to come down with this Virus 19, it would be very Deathly to me. With my age & lung problems that I have a long with my MS.

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