The truth about Garland, Alaska |

The truth about Garland, Alaska

Welcome, Hallmark Channel fans! If you’re looking for answers about Garland, Alaska feel free to read my post about it below. I do hope you’ll find it informative and I encourage you to poke around my site for fun recipes, crafts, tutorials and more.

I don’t pay much attention to what people search for to find my blog, but for the past year something has consistently caught my eye.

At least twice a week someone finds my site by searching “Garland Alaska.”

In fact, it was the most searched term on my site in 2016. More than 10,000 people found my site in 2016 because of Garland, Alaska.

The truth about Garland, Alaska

Sometimes people look up “Is there a Garland, Alaska?”

The truth about Garland, Alaska

I was mystified, so I finally did some Facebook crowd sourcing.

About three minutes later I had my answer. Turns out there was a Hallmark Channel made-for-TV-movie in 2014 called “Christmas Under Wraps,” which takes place in a fictional remote town of Garland, Alaska and stars Candace Cameron Bure (most famous for her role of D.J. Tanner on “Full House”).

Fictional, folks, fictional. There is no town in Alaska with that many brick buildings or with leaves on the deciduous trees in the middle of winter. But if there’s one thing the film got right (and I finally did watch it), it’s that shipping things to Alaska is often a huge hassle!

And for the record, Santa lives in North Pole, Alaska. You can send him your wish list here.

Here’s a photo I took last time I visited North Pole:

The truth about Garland, Alaska

Happy holidays!

The truth about Garland, Alaska |
Due to copyright infringement, I am unable to display a photo of the cover of this Hallmark movie, so here is a far cuter public domain photo.

34 thoughts on “The truth about Garland, Alaska”

    1. Movie just happens to be on as I write this text. Would be fabulous if there was a town looking like the movie.
      I live in Tampa FL now, but originated in a suburb of Milwaukee WI (12 miles from Lake Michigan) so am familiar with cold weather and snow.
      May all have a very Merry and blessed Christmas and a Happy & healthy New Year.
      God’s blessings to all. Karen

      1. Wisconsin I’m sure gets more snow than Anchorage these days. And it probably feels colder in winter because of humidity. It’s very dry in Alaska and it’s currently 6 degrees. Merry Christmas to you too, Karen and thanks for your kind comment.

  1. I didn’t think such a big town would be 300 miles north of Anchorage. The movie just started. I like any movie with Alaska in it.

  2. Thanks for explaining Garland. I just finished my search while watching the Hallmark movie in Sacramento (by the way, 50’s and light rain) Another thing they got right in the movie: there are very nice people way up north! Appreciating your website and your note for us southerners. Keep warm and enjoy the view you have of that night sky!

    1. Thanks for your kind note! It’s currently a brisk 20 degrees here in Anchorage. And this time of year we certainly get to see the night sky often enough. Up above the Arctic Circle, today was their last view of the sun until January!

  3. Saw the Hallmark movie also…its a
    Dream of mine to visit Alaska someday…..hopefully I can visit Garland….Best Regards and a Merry Christmas from Wherling, West Virginia!!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too, Leslie! If you do make it up to Alaska, I suggest visiting the real town of Sitka as you might have trouble finding Garland on the map. I have yet to travel to Sitka, but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit in my home state.
      Thanks for commenting,

  4. THANK you for the clarification ☺
    I just watched the movie and we decided to see if there was such a place
    Have a mery Xmas

  5. Merry Christmas from Calgary, Alberta Canada.

    I found you by looking up Garland, Alaska, the same as thousands of others have.

    It’s a great way to get people to your blog. I’ll take a look at it.

  6. Too funny! I guess I am not the only one watching this movie and decided to look up Garland, Alaska! 🙂 I dont like the cold and snow but I do loove Alaska in the summer! Going on my 2nd cruise in Alaska this next summer! Cant wait to get up there!

    1. Those cruises are priceless, I’ve heard! I’m sure you’ve seen more wildlife on your Alaska cruise then I’ve seen in my whole life in this state!
      Happy holidays, Stacey!

  7. Thanks for clearing that up :-E Just seen a bit of the film. Happy Christmas & New Year.

    John, Northumberland, UK (3° here) 🙂

  8. I’ve been looking for a small town in lastolite Garland a really wish there was somewhere other than the big cities

  9. It’s 1.30am in Scotland and Christmas Under Wraps is playing right now on my TV (In July no less) Google brought me here 🙂

  10. How funny. I just found this as I sit here watching the movie and googled Garland, Alaska for the heck of it. I’ve lived in Alaska for many years and am amused by what Hollywood thinks rural Alaska might look like. 😂

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