Pink Elephant Scarf

A few years back I got hooked on a pattern from called the Simple Luxury Scarf. It was indeed simple and I must have made five or six of them.

The pattern calls for two different high-quality yarns to be knitted at once. Each scarf was setting me back about $28.

Now that I’m not able to splurge on every yarn desire I decided to try the pattern with an inexpensive yarn. It turned out great and totally gift worthy. Patons Divine Yarn contains a little wool and mohair so you still achieve the fluffy, luxurious look and feel. I call it scrumptious. And at $4 after a JoAnn’s coupon, I call it a great deal.

I didn’t refer to Pickles’ pattern this time around and it turns out I made it slightly differently, which is why I’m providing my pattern below; but I want to be clear that it originated from Pickles’ pattern.

This pattern is for any level of knitter. It’s a great way to pass winter weekend where it’s -3 degrees outside.


1, 100-gram ball of Patons Divine Yarn (I used the Chantilly Rose color)

a long size 15 circular needle

darning needle


M1FB = Make 1 stitch in the front and 1 in the back of the same stitch, thus increasing your work by one stitch.

M1 = make 1 stitch

Special note: You’ll be using a circular needle only to easily hold a large number of stitches required for this scarf. You will not be joining the work in the round.


Cast on 4 stitches.

M1FB into the first stitch. Knit to end of row.

Repeat previous row until you have used most of the yarn.

Final row: M1FB, K1, M1 *K3, M1. Repeat * to end of row. It’s ok if you have a few extra stitches at the end. Just knit those. Cast off final row. Using darning needle, weave in ends.

3 thoughts on “Pink Elephant Scarf”

  1. I was so glad I bump into your site. Keep up the great work you do. I have lived in Alaska for 37 years but Fairbanks has been home for 31 of those year. I love to see young mom’s who are crafty, thrifty and family minded. Just wanted to say keep up the good work. I look forward to stopping by your blog and seeing what you have created.

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