Mexican Oilcloth Dining Chairs

Every time I am down in Mexico I’m attracted to the  long rolls of colorful oilcloth. Adorned with fruits, flowers or fake lace, oilcloth is durable material that could be used for myriad projects. I just never know what to do with it. I’ll get a meter here and a meter there and sometimes try sewing with it or gluing it to old cans.

I finally decided on a decent (and super easy) oilcloth project. Since we have a little one and mealtime tends to be messy, I thought that recovering our dining chairs would not only brighten our living space, but cleanup would be a breeze!

Mexican Oilcloth Dining Chairs

I’ve already posted a tutorial on reupholstering furniture, so feel free to check it out here or here. But look at the vast improvement!

Mexican Oilcloth Dining Chairs

Here’s a brief tutorial of the process:

Cut oilcloth with enough of an edge for it to wrap around the cushion and still have a couple of inches worth of an edge.

Try to fold the corners in an elegant way so it’s not all bunched up.
Use a staple gun to secure the oilcloth all the way around.
Make sure the baby helps!



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