Crochet Candyland Cowl

Chunky cowls are in. Crochet is in. Color is in. Let’s do this!

I tinkered with a couple of large crochet hooks this weekend and decided to use up some of my yarn stash by making a cozy, some might say yummy, cowl. This only took a couple of hours to make and only uses one type of crochet stitch, so it’s perfect for a beginner or a sourdough who just wants to race through her bits of yarn.

You’ll be crocheting two strands of yarn at once to make it chunky so you’ll have to make separate balls out of your already existing skeins. What’s really handy is if you are able to find both ends of one skein because then you could crochet with them at the same time without having to make an extra ball.

The other great thing about this pattern is that it doesn’t have to be exact. If you end up with more stitches than you’re supposed to you won’t be able to notice. Just wing it! It’s also up to you how you want to change colors as you go. I did it one time where I brought in the new color as I went and another time I finished each row, drew up the end through the last loop and then brought up the new color on the next round. Whatever makes more sense to you is what I would do.

Crochet Candyland Cowl -- Free Pattern


Various colors of worsted yarn.

Size P crochet hook

Darning needle


Crocheting with two strands at the same time, chain 52 stitches. I like to do the foundation-free method, which can be found here. This way I don’t have one row that’s wider than all the rest. Slip stitch into the first stitch, creating a big loop.

1. Bring in your next color by chaining 2 stitches. DC into each stitch all the way around, making 2 DC in the last stitch. Slip stitch to the top of the first DC.

2. Bring in the new color and Ch 2. DC all the way around and slip stitch into the top of the first DC.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have 58 stitches or 13 rows, whichever comes first.

Cut yarn and draw up through the last loop. Weave in all the ends. I weave them in as I go, but you could also tie the bits of yarn to one another and clip them short.

Crochet Candyland Cowl

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