What to Pack in a Diaper Bag

Ok, now that my son is three months old, I feel a bit like a pro when it comes to running errands and not losing my head. There were a few panicky times in the beginning where we found ourselves without a diaper or with a poorly-stocked diaper bag.

I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’d like to share with you how I pack the diaper bag. I always make sure to restock the bag whenever I think of it so I’m not left in the lurch. Also, I try to keep diapers in the center console of the car just in case I forget to bring the bag, God forbid!

I’ll explain the contents just in case the photo isn’t clear. Click on the photo to enlarge.

1. Nursing Cover — This takes up very little space and I like to have it in case I nurse in public where people might be uncomfortable seeing a little boob flesh.

2. Book — I keep a book in the bag for when I drop Jack off with a babysitter. I’ll change the book from time to time. It’s always good to give babysitters a little something to do with your baby besides watch TV.

3. Changing Pad with Wipes — This is my all-time favorite item in the diaper bag. I made this “clutch” from a pattern on the Internet. It unfolds and reveals a pouch that can keep two diapers and a wet wipes case. Click here for the tutorial.

4. Toy — Again, another good thing to have when you drop off your baby with a babysitter. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have if your baby is getting cranky on the go.

5. Diapers — Ah yes, the item for which this bag is named. I try and keep my bag stocked with about eight diapers. That’s enough for several outings throughout the week. Not pictured are two cloth diapers and a small wet bag since they aren’t a necessity.

6. Blanket — You never know when a beautiful sunny day might get cold and blustery, as I learned earlier this summer. A receiving blanket doesn’t take up much space and it’s a must for all seasons.

7. Burp cloth — This is a no-brainer item. Whether it’s spit-up or drool, I always keep one on hand for quick clean ups.

8. Nursing Pads — This is the one non-baby item. I sometimes have my own accidents so I always keep a couple of disposable nursing pads in the bag to prevent unsightly leaks.

9. Baby Powder — Just a typical diaper bag item, but instead of hauling a huge container around I put some in an old poultry seasoning jar. Make sure to place it in a plastic baggie as powder tends to get everywhere.

10. Rash Cream — Another must-have.

11. Baby Shampoo — I keep a travel-size bottle of shampoo in my bag in case we have to give Jack an emergency not-at-home bath. You never know when you might have a blowout!

12. Change of Clothes — I always keep a Onesie, set of jammies, pants, outer layer and socks in a gallon Ziploc bag. Babies will tend to go through more than one outfit a day, what with the drooling, puking, peeing and pooping they do. Be sure to restock whenever you think of it. Don’t want to be stuck with a dirty, wet, stinky baby while running errands or while he’s with the babysitter.

13. Bottle — A must-have if you bottle-feed or if you leave your baby with a sitter. Make sure to clean it when you get home.

14. Grocery bags — These are free and are great for messy clothes, burp cloths, diapers or whatever you want to keep apart from clean stuff or politely toss in someone else’s trash.

15. Gallon Ziploc Bags — I like to be a polite mama-on-the-go. Would you want someone to leave a stinky diaper in your trash? Seal it up in a Ziploc so you don’t have to share the smell with others. Also makes a good wet bag for dirty clothes and cloth diapers.

So, that’s our diaper bag! Is there anything you put in your bag that I left out? Leave me a comment!


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