The Best Baby Shower

My little sister is in town just for a week and she won’t be back till our baby is three months old, so she and I put together the shindig of all shindigs — a Price style baby shower.

I’m pretty much against baby showers. Most of my friends growing up were guys and being surrounded by a ton of women oohing and aaahing at little clothes, stuffing myself with cupcakes and playing games involving bottle sucking and diapers just isn’t appealing to me.

I wanted to spend my baby shower with family and friends no matter what the gender. I wanted it to be a party I’d want to be invited to.

And that’s what came together.

We had good food, cocktails, a craft station, one optional silly game and my husband hosted beer pong in the garage for those girls and guys who wanted to play.

Watching me open presents was optional, as was oohing and ahhing.

We served a cheese platter, hummus and pita chip platter, veggie platter, homemade smoked salmon and cream cheese platter, mini caprese salads, lemon cookies, cantaloupe, homemade unsweetened chocolate chip cookies, homemade Italian and Spanish sausage on the grill, terrific macaroni salad and unbeatable baby back ribs.

We also had a bellini bar where people could mix sparkling white wine with either mango, strawberry or peach purees with fresh raspberry garnish (I had ginger ale mixed in mine, don’t worry).

Didn’t get many photos, but here’s a bit of a montage. Recipes will follow.

Most photos by my friend Priscilla.

Caprese skewers

Bagels and lox spread
Cookies with unsweetened chocolate chips

Veggies with roasted red pepper yogurt dip
Lots of goodies!

Ok, I had to have one photo of me in here

The bellini bar was a total succes, as was the design-a-Onesie craft station. My friends Kelly and Rosey set up paints, stencils, stamps, brushes and I provided the blank shirts. I had acquired about 25 of them over the past month from thrift stores. This might have been the biggest hit of the party. There were girls and guys both making creative designs. Here’s a collage of some of my favorites.

We had people stay till 11 p.m. Truly a wonderful, successful baby shower.

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