How to Take a Neat Christmas Tree Photo

I really wanted to take a photo of our little Christmas tree without using anything but the multi-colored lights.

Click to get the full effect
You’ll need a digital camera where you can change the ISO and the shutter speed. Nothing too fancy!
Here’s what to do:
Set the ISO to the highest speed you can. This is the highest number, which is 1600 on my camera. 
Next, set the shutter delay to two seconds. This will ensure you won’t be touching or shaking the camera when the photo is taken.
Now set the shutter speed to really slow, like 1/6th of a second. 
Set your camera on a tripod or a solid surface like a table.  Take the photo. If your photo isn’t glowing enough, tinker with the shutter speed. Make is slower and see if that does the trick. If there’s too much light, make the shutter speed faster.
Christmas magic!

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