Blue Starlight Sideways Scarf

I’ve been admiring a scarf we sell at work, the Zumi scarf by Prana.

I like how it’s make the long way instead of the short way, how most scarves are made.

I figured it would be easy enough to make and it surely was. It was a great winter Sunday project.

One ball of soft worsted weight single-ply yarn. I used Universal Yarn Classic Shades in the blue.
One ball of mohair in a similar color. I used some donated yarn that had silver glitter thread in it.
A really long size 13 circular needle
A size J crochet hook

Loosely CO 150 stitches. Knit in garter stitch till work is 4-6.5 inches long, whichever you prefer. Loosely bind off.
For the tassels: Using the crochet hook, single chain four pieces of cord 12 inches long. Tie knots at the ends of each cord. Loop two to each end of the scarf.

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