Make Your Own Veggie Steamer

Steaming vegetables is one of the best preparation methods. It locks in nutrients and makes veggies as tasty as can be.

Every time I think of steaming my veggies I remember that I don’t have one of those steaming baskets. So I took matters into my own hands — tin foil to the rescue!

This takes just a couple of minutes to make and you can steam your veggies just as if you had a fancy steamer.

First, fill a saucepan with an inch of water.

Take a long piece of tin foil and fold it in half. Fit it over the pot and push some of the foil into the pot so it creates a bit of a well. Crimp the foil all around the edge of the pot.

With a paring knife, cut several holes in the foil.

Add your vegetables (I used frozen green beans) and cover the pot.

Place over high heat and let the veggies steam for several minutes until they are tender.


One thought on “Make Your Own Veggie Steamer”

  1. Wow, this is actually a fantastic idea. I've been wanting to steam vegetables but usually just end up drowning them in olive oil and roasting them-good, but not the healthiest thing ever. Good work, Tasha!-Jean

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