Thank You, Anna. I finally made a quilt.

My friend Laura has a new baby boy named Connor and I had just enough time to be inspired and then actually motivated to make him a little quilt to match his monkey-themed crib.

My mom is a whiz quilter, having won countless blue ribbons and judges’ choice awards at the Alaska State Fair. She’s so successful that I’ve never felt quite worthy enough to try and quilt. I lack patience and overall desire for accuracy. But recently my friend Anna made a baby Pooh quilt that was so darling. She said it really wasn’t too tricky.

So one evening I bought some fabric and cut out the squares. At 7 a.m. Saturday I was up and at ’em.  I sewed the top all together. Then I was clueless. Thanks to my mom I was able to pin the top to the fleece back and to create a binding. I didn’t use any batting since the fleece was pretty thick on its own. All in all it was a seven-hour project.

It’s definitely not perfect, but hey, It’s homemade and I’m sure Laura can’t wait to bring Connor home and place him in his monkey crib.

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