Garage Sale Find

Ever since my mother-in-law gave us an antique brass bed frame I’ve been itching to ditch our particle board dresser and put in an antique wooden one. This is more difficult a task than you think. Up in Alaska, good furniture is a rarity. Good furniture at a good price is an oxymoron. People just don’t move their furniture up here so there is basically crap. And it’s not inexpensive crap. Most couches at the Salvation Army are at least $250 and you’re lucky if all the cushions are in tact. Unless you’ve got $800 to throw on a valuable piece at an antique store, you mainly have to rely on luck.

And luck smiled on me last weekend. I was up in Fairbanks for a wedding and just before the bride walked down the aisle, my mom sent me a photo of an antique mahogany dresser at a garage sale back home in Anchorage. It was $150 and the seller said it was more than 100 years old. She bought it for me and this weekend Stephen moved out the old dresser and moved in the really old dresser.

I just love it. It’s everything I wanted in a dresser. Stephen added his manly jewelry box and his vintage stoplight.

He even made a hubby craft! Check out the homemade cork board!

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