Flat sheets really come in handy — another Tokyo tie bag

After making a Tokyo Tie Bag the other day, I decided to experiment with the dimensions and make a bag that has a size I prefer. I like the dimensions of the pattern I was given, but I wanted it a little deeper and the handles a little longer. So I busted out my butcher paper and made a better pattern. Here’s a photo of the original pattern on top of a pair of pyjamas.

I just added two inches to the bottom of the bag and three inches to the top where the handle is.

The dimensions are as follows:

  • The height of the handle is 1 and 1/8th inch
  • The length from the top of the handle to the first line is 12 inches
  • The first line is 2.5 inches tall
  • The length from the first line to the second line is 2.75 inches
  • The second line is 5.75 inches (also the same height as the bottom of the bag)
  • The length from the second line to the bottom of the bag is 8.25 inches

I drew the curves out by hand between the two lines and the top of the handle.
After I figured that out I transferred the pattern to a piece of tagboard I nabbed from a boot box (thank goodness I work at a shoe store — endless supplies of cardboard). So now I have a stiff pattern so all I have to do is trace around it on my fabric and cut it out. Presto!

Anyway, to get to this posting’s title, I never use flat sheets on our bed. But they make awesome curtains and scrap fabric. I used a dark red flat sheet as the lining for my new purse.

Look at that 400 thread count Egyptian cotton! The handles are just the right length to sling over my shoulder.

One thought on “Flat sheets really come in handy — another Tokyo tie bag”

  1. Tasha, I REALLY want this bag. If I win your little drawing thing, please make me this.Quite the website you've got going here. I'm impressed.-Jean

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