Baby Beckham Set

I have recently reunited with a high school friend via Blogland and we’ve been having a good time exchanging ideas and knowledge. She’s expecting a baby boy so I sent her a little hat and mitts set.

**Click HERE for the mitten pattern**

The pattern for the Stay-Put Mitts are from I found it on Ravelry. They knitted up quickly and I really liked the twisted rib stitch on the cuff.

The pattern for the hat is as follows:

Worsted weight yarn, a skein of each color (you don’t need a whole skein)
size 7 circular needle
size 7 double points
darning needle

Cast on 64 stitches in your main color (MC). Connect the last stitch to the first being sure not to twist your work. Place a stitch marker if you need to. Make a rib of k2, p2 for five rows. Knit 3 rounds of contrast color (CC), then 4 rounds of main color. Either cut the yarn each time you change colors (leaving a six-inch tail), or carry up the yarn when you need to use it. If you do this, don’t pull too tightly when you bring in the next color or else it will make a gap in your work. *K 3 rounds CC, K 4 rounds MC* two more times. K 3 rounds CC and cut yarn leaving a six-inch tail. Knit 1 round MC and begin decreasing as follows:
*K2tog, k6*, repeat till end of round.
K 1 round
*K2tog, k5*, repeat till end of round.
K 1 round
*K2tog, k4*, repeat till end of round.
K 1 round. While doing this, transfer to the double points as you go so there are about 14 stitches on each needle (four in all).
*K2tog, k3*, repeat till end of round.
K 1 round
*K2tog, k2*, repeat till end of round.
K 1 round
*K2tog, k1*, repeat till end of round.
K 1 round
*K2tog*, repeat till end of round.
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail and with darning needle, run the yarn through the rest of the stitches and pull shut. Weave in all ends.

8 thoughts on “Baby Beckham Set”

      1. I wanted the pattern for the baby Beckman set but only got the hat instructions, what happened?

        Puzzled, Domenica

      2. Dear Domenica, the mittens are not my original pattern. If you look in the instructions you should see a link to the pattern for the Stay Put Mitts.
        Best regards,

  1. Hi Natasha, I’m looking to knit a hat for a 9 month old. Could you tell me what ages this hat size is suited for? Thanks, Christina

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