Cotton Candy

Pickles has done it again — inspired me to make something different and awesome. Springtime is right around the corner, but for us Alaskans, this time means anything from sunny cold days to whipping wind. Nothing is more appropriate than the Simple Luxury Scarf (or as I’m calling it, the Cotton Candy). It’s light and airy, delicate and soft. It’s perfectly bulky and squishy.

I used a combination of Cascade Yarn’s acrylic aran and some Rowan mohair/silk combo. The affordable price of the Cascase made up for the expensive mohair.

I learned my lesson on this project never to buy cheap needles. I bought some long, plastic 15 circular needles the other day and this was my first time using them. They broke halfway through my project. Thanks to a shoddy hot glue gun, I was uncomfortably able to finish, and I am happy I did.

Pickles’ pattern is pretty straightforward. I have yet to understand grams instead of meters or yards. I used one 100g ball of Cascade, about 240 yards, and one 25g ball of mohair, about 220 yards. The pattern calls for two 50 g balls of mohair but the 25g ball was perfect for my one ball of aran. I only had about 12 inches of mohair left when I finished the project. The other thing that wasn’t really explained was the reason for the final K3M1 row. I wasn’t sure if it was M1F like I’d been doing the whole time, but I just did a regular make one and it created a pretty decorative edge.

Definitely a project worth doing again and again.

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