Party Decorating

Yesterday was Stephen’s birthday and since he was out of town all week I had plenty of time to clean up and decorate.

After gleefully searching through beautiful craft blogs all week, I came across where there were free, printable letter flags.

In photoshop, I halved the size and altered the colors a bit since I had a few repeat letters. I strung them up on wool yarn and hung them up three days before his birthday (just because I loved to look at them).

To add to the festivities, I thought back to elementary school days when we’d make cut-out spirals and hang them around the classroom.

We have a disco ball we bought at the thrift store last year, so I set that up too. It looked pretty awesome. Now time to think of a menu. Stephen originally wanted to go to Club Paris, since that’s his favorite restaurant, but he must have been burnt out on fancy restaurants after going to the Vallata restaurant in Fairbanks the night before. In honor of Club Paris, I decided to make an appetizer of orange garlic shrimp. That’s something we usually get alongside our steak. It was so good, I almost forgot to take a photo before it was all eaten!

I didn’t do steak for the entree. Steve’s been asking me for lasagna for a while, so I made a big ol’ batch of it with spicy ground pork, mushrooms, and three kinds of cheeses.

And for dessert, the piece de resistance — a pink champagne cake. I’m no baker, but this is the most successful cake I’ve ever created.

Recipes to follow.

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