Simple Striped Winter Hat Pattern

Last night an anonymous viewer commented on an old blog post for a winter hat I made a couple of years ago. I didn’t provide a pattern, but now I will. This is my basic pattern for every winter hat I make without earflaps. (For my earflap hat pattern, click here).

I don’t decide on stripes til I get there on the hat, but my general rule for stripes is to start the first one after I’ve knit the same number of rounds that the ribbing is. So, if the ribbing is six rows, I knit six rows regularly and then start the color change.

Normally I make my hats about 32 rows tall including the ribbing before decreasing, so I try to leave the same number of rows as I did the ribbing after the stripes are over. This creates better balance with the hat. So as an example, my ribbing is six rows, then I knit six rows regularly, then do my stripe pattern for about 14 rows, then knit my original color for six rows, then decrease.

Also, this pattern is for a medium adult hat. To make it larger, add eight stitches. To make it smaller, subtract eight stitches and follow the pattern the same way. If you want it to be a baby hat, use lighter weight yarn and smaller needles. I will use the same pattern for a baby but use worsted yarn and size 7 needles, for instance. For instructions on how to change colors while knitting, just do a YouTube search because I’m sure there are good lessons out there.

Ok, ok here’s the pattern.

Simple Striped Winter Hat


Chunky weight yarn

Size 10 circular and double point needles

darning needle


K2,P2 = knit 2, purl 2 ribbing

k2tog = knit two stitches together


With your circular needle, cast on 72 stitches with your main color. Knit into the first stitch, being careful the stitches aren’t twisted.  K2, P2 for six rows. Knit six rounds regularly. Add in second color. Alternate your stripe pattern for 14 rows. Switch back to your original color and knit six rows. Your work should be about 6 inches tall before continuing (for an adult size).

Decrease as follows:

Round 1: Knit two together, knit 6. Repeat for one round.
Round 2 (and all even rounds): Knit
Round 3: K 2 tog, K 5 for one round
Round 5: K 2 tog, K 4 for one round (this is where you should probably switch to the double points).
Round 7: K 2 tog, K 3
Round 9: K 2 tog, K 2
Round 11: K 2 tog, K 1
Round 12: K 2 tog
Gather remaining stitches with a darning needle and fasten off. Weave in all tails.

Pom-pom: I use a pom-pom maker I purchased from a fabric store, but I found a neat idea on Pinterest, here.

13 thoughts on “Simple Striped Winter Hat Pattern”

  1. I love your website. I just printed two patterns – both headbands for my granddaughter! I’m teaching her to knit and these are great! Thank you!

  2. I must say this… CONGRATULATIONS !
    This is the first pattern I have ever seen I really understood 😀 seems strange, but I can’t understand all weird explanations and codes… so here I go to make this hat now.
    I will send you some pictures after finishing it, of course if I will be proud of the result 🙂
    Thanks a lot :*

    1. Dear Roxana,
      I’m so happy this pattern makes sense to you. Most of my hat patterns are written this way and can be easily found at Just look on the side bar selection labeled “Knitting Designers” and my name is Natasha Price.
      I hope the hat turns out well for you and I’d love to see the final product.
      Thanks for your comment. It made my morning!

      1. It’s lovely! Thank you for taking the time to comment again and show me your hat. I’m sure the people you gave your hats to were quite pleased.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      I don’t gauge my work so I can’t tell you exactly what the circumference is for this hat. My head is about 22 inches around and this size fits me.

      Thanks for your comment,

    1. Hello Clair, usually one skein is plenty of yarn for the main color but it depends what brand of yarn you use. I tend to use lamb’s pride chunky. Since I’ve used all kinds of chunky yarn for this pattern I have never known the weight or yardage of the yarn. It’s not a large project so I usually get by with one ball of the main color. If that isn’t enough I just add more stripes! -Natasha

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