Shake Your Booties!

“All the hotties at the party feeling naughty shake your boobies, yeah
Who likes to rock the party? Who likes to rock the party?
All the ladies with their babies make their babies shake their booties, yeah”

Ok, that’s always what I think of when I think about knitting booties. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it. It’s funny.

I’ve never been a big fan of bootie making. I guess it’s cause they are tiny and you have to make two of them and I really dislike knitting things flat and then stitching them up at the end. I am a knit-in-the-round type of gal.

After downloading the Red Heart Yarn app the other day, I did some bootie searching and found a pattern I actually liked. I went so far as to use the exact yarn in the pattern. They turned out just like the pattern picture!

Don’t tell my husband, but I stole spare buttons off one of his dress shirts. It was a really quick knit. I made one during an episode of Law and Order, so it must have taken two hours to make both. The pattern is free and can be accessed Here. Now I need to give them to a baby so I can see them in action. 

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