Button Quest

I’m in the search for buttons. I’ve always been a collector — a collector of stickers, patches, My Little Ponies, stamps, stationery, coins, buttons, pint glasses, Fiestaware, and basically anything shiny I find on the ground. It’s hard to keep my collecting habits to a minimum so now I keep them more focused. I no longer collect any old notecard, but only ones I’d actually send to someone. Instead of buying every single piece of Fiestaware I see, I only get ones with minimal scratches and in colors I actually like.

I’d put my button collecting on hold until I started knitting my braided headband. Now I need three 1-inch buttons for each headband. I have a hard time finding good buttons unless I want to spend a bundle of money, by which I mean $1 or more each. I looked at Etsy yesterday and although there were oodles of gorgeous buttons at a reasonable price, they also tacked on shipping charges.

Here comes my brilliant and somewhat wasteful idea…buy thrift store clothes just to collect their buttons.


Oooh, powder blue suit jacket. No thanks.

But seriously, who would ever wear these garments? That’s why for $3 I purchased these hideous pieces of clothing, clipped off the buttons and tossed them.


2 thoughts on “Button Quest”

  1. Hi Natasha! I just wanted to let you know that your blog is awesome. I'm looking for new craft ideas and I always search for ideas online. I decided to go to your blog for inspiration, and I've not been disappointed. Keep the craft tips coming!

  2. Buttons, buttons, who has the buttons?T, its' almost winter again and with the things I've heard, I suspect you might get real crafty this winter:) you should come by the school and check out my small bag of buttons! Maybe we can create a trade? If you see some fabulous buttons, they can be yours!

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