Thrift Finds 4

While in New York last month Stephen and I did a lot of thrifting and antiquing. We found lots of awesome clothes and shoes, but nothing that needed to be blogged about.

While surfing Craigslist last week, I found an ad for a new thrift store. NEW THRIFT STORE. That’s my favorite statement. I had to check it out. It’s called Yours, Mine and Ours and it’s on Arctic and 70th.

It’s an odd store. It almost looks like someone emptied his storage unit and put prices on everything. Turns out the owner goes to storage unit auctions and then empties out those units and puts prices on everything.

Lots of grungy clothes, not worth digging through, lots of records and old Martha Stewart magazines. Christmas decorations in June, pawn shop-type gold jewelry, DVD’s, and knick-knacks. Great knick-knacks, in fact. Check out this ’60s handmade doll furniture. It displays my homemade jewelry perfectly.

Also irresistible was the collection of tins for sale. I managed to pare my selection down to two:

Thrift store score! 

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