Kentucky is where I met my partner and fiance, Cam, and where I have called home for the past six years. Living in Kentucky, I’ve come to understand and appreciate what makes this state so special, from the bluegrass, to the horses, to the bourbon. Having worked with Natasha Price on floral arrangements for Cam’s and my wedding in Cooper Landing, I’ve also come to understand and appreciate what makes HER so special. Natasha is a lot like Kentucky small batch bourbon, which is my favorite style of bourbon-making. Small batch bourbon is made in small batches from a limited number of bourbon barrels that best reflect the unique flavor profile sought by the master distiller. Working with Natasha, she was conscious of and committed to the unique style of our wedding, and chose a limited number of organic elements to fit that aesthetic. Because she crafts floral arrangements in “small batches,” Natasha is able to build distinctive pieces that fit each couple and each occasion uniquely. Much like master distilling, this is an uncommon gift that sets Natasha apart; even more rare is her ability to offer “small batch” arrangements at a “standard bourbon” price. And we can all drink to that! – Sarah Hermsmeier, Bride-to-Be, Lexington, Kentucky

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