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We have way too many Christmas wrapping bows so I decided to make something out of them. Easiest craft of the day:

Just add some stuffing to flower pot. Add a couple of sheets of tissue paper to the top of stuffing and tuck in the sides of paper around the inside of the pot. Tape bows to the tissue. Voila!

Christmas tags

I love the holidays! It’s only halfway through the month and I’ve done all my Christmas shopping. Our tree is overflowing with gifts:

This year I decided to get a little creative with the gift tags. Usually I buy tags from the thrift store. I found some cute vintage ones this year, which I used, but I also made my own gift tags out of paint chips. I printed off some gift tag templates and traced them onto free paint samples from the hardware store. They turned out so well!

Last night I decided to embellish some gifts by making an initial out of a pipe cleaner.

Easy to make: I drew a large cursive letter on a piece of paper and then curved the pipe cleaner to match. Where the pipe cleaner intersects with itself I twisted it around so it would stay put.

Inexpensive and it makes the present that much more special.

Junklaces, or how to show off all the jewelry you never wear

Recently I saw in a jewelry boutique a collection of necklaces that looked like antique charm necklaces. They were really pretty, with old keys and beads and brooches and such. So I decided to go through all my old jewelry and mix-match my single earrings, unused pendants and anything else that was collecting dust in my jewelry box. I also bought a few charms from Michael’s extensive collection. Here’s what I came up with: